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PDX Meal Prep was the result of the desire to do something better in life for Jean Gutierrez. In a short sentence, we are a family owned and operated local business, helping people eat healthy by providing them cooked, ready to go meals and delivering them to their front doors!

If you want to know more about our lives and how this became a family owned business, then check this out!

Although I was born in The Dalles, Or. I moved to Chihuahua, Mex, when I was 3 years old and pretty much grew up there until I was 15. Moved back to Oregon after my parents had divorced, so here I was starting a new life with my mom and little sister. I hated it, everything was so much different, I got into so much trouble. But after completing 2 years in community college I moved to the city of Portland. Loved it, but couldn’t figure out how to live by my own means. My mom went from teaching at a prestigious public school to working at McDonalds AND here I was, asking her for $100 dollars a week to get by. Eventually, after struggling to live in the city, my entrepreneurial self started to picture the idea of starting a business. So I went into business unsuccessfully. But really, only meant that the current failures were lessons to be used into what would be my next venture. I sat on the living room desk that day, writing out my business plan to start a food business. Next thing you know, July 12th, 2015 is here and I launch! Knowing nothing about food or having any culinary skills, I somehow sold my food online. Got so busy I had to hire 2 employees, it was then when I decided to reach out to my strong and beautiful mother. The call went kinda like “Hey Mom, I’m so busy here, I need you, don’t worry about McDonalds, I know I can pay you. Matter of fact, I’ll make you my business partner 50/50”

And the rest is history, my mom met Tim, fvckn Tim man, the coolest white dude and step dad I could ever have, plus, he had been working for McDonald's all his life. So when my mom moved, so did he, and our business grew. Enough to employ all my family, including my sister, full time and have 2 other part time employees.

I write this, still in summary so you have an idea of who we are. We are hard working people, who care about you and the integrity of our business. Truly, we could not be here without you.

Thank You