Our Story




Hello guys!

Our first day in business was July 12th, 2015, I decided to spend my birthday launching what is now a family owned business serving in the Portland and metro areas. PDX Meal Prep is dedicated to help people eat better, feel better, lose weight and address their nutrition the right way instead of stopping by a fast food restaurant twice or three times a week.

PDX Meal Prep is a family-run business, where my mom and younger sister work with me in the office and the kitchen, instead of them working somewhere stressful with set schedules and an unhealthy environment. Nothing was more important to me at that time than giving my mom the confidence to quit her stressful job. She would only come home to eat and sleep, not living the life she wanted for herself, especially after us three moving to the US.

We are now on our way to our second year in business. I am grateful to have a business where I can really put my time and effort so my clients are happily served. PDX Meal Prep provides quality served healthy meals that helps everyone improve their eating habits, facilitates their transition into a healthier lifestyle and by default their life changes, their mood changes, their energy increases and we could not be happier to be part of this.

Our long term goal is to support organic farms, source animal products from free-range farms, create healthy jobs and help out the hungry in need by providing our service. Living a healthy Life comes with a pack of perks included. We also spend our time doing community service, working at local food banks, feeding our homeless and hungry brothers/sisters,  donating to non-profits and travel the world doing acts of kindness. This year alone 2016, we will travel to Guatemala and help feed families in need. As our PDX Meal Prep team continues to expand, we will embark on bigger and greater missions every time.


Let’s start by changing your life today!

– Jean Gutierrez